Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Babicka Vodka a new highly praised premium VODKA

Available at Harvey Nicks

Babička [ba - bitch - ka]
1. A premium vodka distilled in Prostejov in the Czech
1. Hypnotic blend of vodka infused with the curative
qualities of wormwood (Artemisia Absinthium) and
special herbs
2. Babička is the Czech term for 16th century peasant
3. Distilled using inspiration from 500 year old Czech
The babičkas
The babičkas of 16th century Czechoslovakia were wise old women who were
revered by their communities for having mystical healing powers and practicing
the art of witchcraft.
It was the babičkas who freely used the essence thujone, which is extracted
from wormwood, an aromatic plant of the Old World, in their potions and
charms for its reputation of enhancing well-being, sensuality, creativity and
love, not to mention its mildly hallucinatory effects. These babička recipes
represent some of the earliest vodka formulas ever created.
The NEW Babička vodka has taken the basis of these ancient recipes to create
the first ever wormwood vodka. A green thujone-ometer is on every Babička
bottle to mark the amount of this wormwood extract that has been infused
with the highest quality vodka, giving Babička it’s unique taste.
The Babička Spirit
Packaged in a contemporary interpretation of the medicine bottles of old,
Babička undergoes a six-step distillation process before being married with
natural spring water drawn from low mountain ranges near Hana and 10,000
year old springs undisturbed for centuries. Truly a vodka for the discerning
Created by the Master Distiller, born from a long line of Moravian distillers
dating back to 1518, this premium vodka uses 100% Moravian corn giving
Babička its subtle sweetness. Infused with thujone which is extracted from
hand-picked wormwood (artemisia absinthium), Babička has a distinctive and a
unique floral bouquet and creamy flavour.

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