Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Muscles in Covent Garden, but this time on a pizza!

Fire and Stone are on to a winner I was told about this place yesterday and have literally just got back from the one in Maiden Lane, Covent Garden and had what has to be one of the best pizzas ever.
A very well made cream and white wine sauce topped with the most succulent and plump mussels hint of garlic butter and drizzled with lemon oil and finally finished with a sprinkling of parsley, this really is my new favourite pizza so will be going back again and again.

There are five Fire & Stone restaurants – three of which are in London: the original in Maiden Lane,Covent Garden
Westfield and the newly-opened Spitalifields Market, as well as one in Portsmouth
and one in Oxford.

Each restaurant serves deliciously-different pizzas with toppings inspired from around the world – in addition to mouth-watering pasta dishes and healthy but hearty salads.
The company has a commitment to source from specialist suppliers – preferring to find the best products available locally and making as much of the food fresh on site each day.
For more information or to book a table, please visit

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