Thursday, 7 April 2011

St John Hotel London opens at last.

St John Hotel has finally opened in the West End
for reservations call 020 3301 8069

in their own words
The St. John Hotel opened on Saturday 2nd April 2011 at 1 Leicester St, London.

Manzi’s “famous seafood restaurant” had been open for some 60 years on the same site. Along with J. Sheekey’s it was the last of the long established “theatre” restaurants in the West End. In a conversation about future thoughts Manzi’s was mentioned and then Trevor Gulliver and Fergus Henderson were reminded that it was a hotel too, they were intrigued. There had been time spent in Beirut looking at a restaurant and hotel project and a seed had been sown there.
Like most London folk Fergus and Trevor have memories of Manzi’s through the years and if it was to have a new life it seemed right that St. John should be the ones to do it. Through the years the building had developed its own extensions, corners and idiosyncracies, the truth was that it needed to be completely rebuilt and this is what has been done.
We have enjoyed the process designing rooms, a new staircase, the bar, a vital organ for the body of any hotel, trying to resolve the “compact” building and to deliver the rhythms that will follow once we open. It has been somewhat of a long process but now exciting times.
‘Nose-to-tail eating’ has become ‘From table to bed'

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