Friday, 24 June 2011

From Russian Standard with Love

Vodka the staple of many Russians and indeed most other drinkers, has a history that most probably don't know about. The production of vodka largely went unchecked, thus leading to some very different levels of alcohol and taste. There was a decree from the Tzar in 1894 that the production  should be regulated and the task fell to Dmitri Mendeleev, he of the periodic table, It was he who set the standard, The Russian Standard of which this vodka takes its name

Mendeleev's perfect balance of 40% alcohol by volume gave Russian vodka a precise formula for what had been, until then, a process closer to alchemy than chemistry.
Today, Russian Standard vodkas take Mendeleev's 19th century ideas and distillation to 21st century levels of quality by combining the finest hand-selected wheat from the black soil of the Russian steppes with the pure, soft waters of Lake Ladoga to create a classic Russian spirit with an exceptionally pure, smooth taste.

Also, they advise that you should not put it in the freezer as this disturbs the fine balance of the liquid, instead you should just keep in the fridge.

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  1. again, yet another sartorially wise piece that is highly informative, entertaining and 'in the know', which is why it is my first hit on the keys every single day! i'm taking the bottles out of the freezer right here right now!! Ian McCurrach