Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Kyashii, The best sashimi in London.

Sashimi platter

Sushi and Sashimi and I have never been great bed fellows, always taking the green rimmed plates at Yo Sushi having tempura at Sake No Hana. Invariably looking at what the others were eating the way my father used to  look when anyone of us kids ordered Steak Tartare and watched us mix it all together with the egg yolk binding everything together. I think we used to order it on purpose, just to see him squirm. It was with that face that I looked at friends, colleagues bite into raw pieces of fish. That face I am happy to say is now a thing of the past. Andrew Hung who is one of the best hosts in London had asked me to bring a  mutual friend who was over from Australia for her annual fix of clothes shopping in Europe and New York, shopping being v important is wasn't until the last day of her trip that I was able to see her so duty bound Danielle and I set off to see Andrew at Kyashii. I have been there a number of times before and always have the same thing, soft shell  crab tempura and the dragon roll which is made with the most delicious prawns wrapped in rice and then covered with slivers of the finest cut avocado you can imagine, almost transparent. So you see my taste for all things Japanese  really is on the boring side but both are truly wonderful and I always leave happy.
It was with this visit that I became a convert, for as a special treat Andrew brought out the most amazing platter of Sashimi I have ever seen. Danielle was drooling, not something I have ever seen done by someone in a Chanel suit  before, at least having lunch that is. The quality and freshness was evident just by sight. The platter comprised of; Salmon, Squid, Tuna, Mackerel, Octopus, baby Yellowtail, Scallop and the sweetest freshwater baby Shrimp. So back to my afore mentioned aversion. This time it was Ma that came to mind, " Darling, it's very rude not to eat something that someone offers you" so reverting back to childhood I tucked in, firstly with the Scallop which was accompanied with the thinnest slice of lemon, which I thought would make it go down better, from that first bite I was in heaven. So good was the scallop that I ventured onto the baby Yellowtail and then the rest. All wonderful but more importantly, I had got over my rather shameful culinary secret. So, I owe Andrew a huge debt for that and on every future visit I will swallow with pride.
Kyashii has won many awards and is highly placed in the list of Londons Japanese restaurants but it will always be my favourite.

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