Tuesday, 10 January 2012

A very different afternoon tea at Grand Imperial London - Victoria

When you fancy afternoon tea but you don't want to have the usual cucumber sandwiches then this is really the place to go. You will even get to try Jelly Fish and let me tell you that is not fish made from jelly......

Grand Imperial London is a stunning  Cantonese restaurant located in London's Victoria. Featuring original pieces of artwork and calligraphy excerpts, the restaurant has been designed around the ancient practice of Feng-shui, along with traditional artefacts.

An Asian-inspired Oriental Afternoon Tea is served on a beautiful stand laden with Cantonese sweets, treats and savouries. The first course includes ‘Fresh black cod rolls, wrapped in Kataifi pastry' and ‘Char Sui Bao'. Both exquisite, and made with the freshest ingredients, the Bao are the famous Cantonese pork buns. Light, fluffy and filled with sticky pork they won't fail to tingle the taste buds.
The second course is Grand Imperial's teatime-take on poultry - savour a ‘Concubine Chicken Wrap' (shredded salted chicken wrapped in a crunchy lettuce leaf) or ‘Shredded Duck Wrap' (a twist on the perennially popular duck pancakes - shredded duck in prawn crackers). Delicate, crispy and with just a slight kick these are the perfect conclusion to the tea's savoury selection.

‘Chocolate Dim Sum' - the final course - is an experience totally unique to Grand Imperial. Blending the art of crispy, delicate dim sum parcels with a warm, silky sauce made with 70% cacao. The dish is pure indulgence and comes with four individual parcels; the crispy ‘Canton Cracker' pastry, the ‘Pumpkin Bundle', a miniature pumpkin made with pumpkin essence and lemon zest, the ‘Cashew Crescent', a half moon pastry topped with cashew nuts and icing sugar and the ‘Coconut Doughnut' rolled in coconut shavings and tangerine zest.

To accompany these delicacies guests can pick their favourite soothing Oriental tea from Grand Imperial's extensive selection. Brewed freshly, in a perfect loose-leaf blend, we recommend the Jasmine King Tea for its subtle, sweet flavour which perfectly complements the delicacies to come. Those looking to add a little fizz to the occasion could also opt for Balfour Brut English Rosé, a 2006 sparkling vintage certain to add that special something.


  1. That sounds amazing. I am looking for somewhere to take my aunt who used to live out east she might just love that. Thanks.

  2. Jelly Fish? for real? Book me in!