Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Mulberries, the darker the sweeter

Finding a mulberry tree laden with fruit is one of the best things in the world. They have the sweetest fruit and the berries are best found by going under the foliage looking out of the tree. Said berries grow in clusters and all ripen at different times so in the cluster there will be a dark, almost midnight blue one then ranging in colour to the palest peony pink, allow the lighter ones to stay and ripen but take the darkest.
The actual tree itself is rather splendid large dark green leaves mostly hiding the fruit , with a dark bark with  a very crinkly bark. A heavy canopy over hanging the tree gives shelter on a drizzly day and should the fruit be ready to pick, from July to October then you are in for a treat. Well worth hunting out and if you can pick enough to take home they make the most delicious pies and due to their sweetness work very well in Eton Mess and Mulberry Fool.

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