Monday, 18 July 2011

Edgerton Origional Pink Gin

This is not the pink gin that is made by adding Angustura Bitters and a splash of water but a totally new London gin. Original Pink has crisp citrus top notes, with a smooth delicately spicy development thanks to grains of paradise. A hint of mint comes from Damiana – the invigorating plant of Mexico. Yet, for all its originality, Edgerton is reassuringly and unmistakably in the tradition of great London dry gins. Listed in some of the smarter cocktail bars in  London it is seen as a good way of adding a smidgen of colour to cocktails but can of course be used in the G & T as well. Available to buy in Selfriges.

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  1. What fantastic gin! I've tried it and i really recommend it to you,try to mix it with different flavours, i had a great time! I could buy it on that web page if you are interested: