Friday, 12 August 2011

Top tip for the weekend, The Happy Egg range of Quiche from Tesco.

There are few things in life that match a good quiche and now instead of having to make them from scratch  they are readily available in over 600 Tesco express stores. The secret behind these quiches is that they are made by The Happy Egg company, not only are the eggs they use free range but  there are no artificial flavourings or colours to dampen your enjoyment. At the moment they have Mature Cheddar & Maple cured Bacon  flavour and Smoked Salmon and Fresh Spinach, both of these I would say are better when served warm rather than piping hot or cold. But both are truly good and with a simple salad to go with it your cooking time will be cut in half.

These really are some of the best bought quiches I have tried and am sure in time they will come out with even more delicious flavours but I for one am happy for the moment with what they have.

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