Friday, 12 August 2011

Post Card Teas, 9 Derring Street, W1 The best Tea Shop in the U.K.

Postcard Teas
9 Derring Street
New Bond Street
020 7629 3654

A friend of mine was off to buy some tea and asked if I wanted to go with her, well she is not the sort to nip to Tesco and get a 1,000 bag box to last her a week, so naturally I was keen to go. She has the habit of knowing things others don't so off we trotted. Walking up Bond Street on our way she was telling me that I had been before but to be honest I had forgotten, that is until I got there. The shop has a long contemporary Elizabethan type plank table running the whole length of the shop at which you sit and drink your tea. The walls are a Farrow and Ball special mix or at least looks like it.

The attention to detail in this shop is beyond belief. This is exemplified in the packaging of the teas all in foil envelopes with brightly coloured labels taken from old post cards, but really the star of the show is the owner Timothy d'Offay one of the worlds leading experts on the subject. Their website is really much more informative than I could ever be so I suggest you go there and bone up on the subject. I will however lift off some of the comments others have said to get you in the mood.

"Very, very special tea" Nigel Slater, Food writer and broadcaster

"Yesterday I drank the most delicious cup of tea I've ever tasted. Given that I've experimented over the years with many varieties to appease an eight-cup-a-day habit you can understand that this was a particularly magical moment for me. The tea in question was Master Xu's Rou Gui, a light Wuyi rock oolong with a delicate, floral fragrance, and I sipped it at Timothy d'Offay's charming shop, Postcard Teas, where hundreds of teas can be tried before buying". Nicole Swengley The FT's How to Spend It

"The best tea in London" Lucille Lewin The Telegraph

"Why don't you make time for tea. Become a green tea enthusiast at Postcard Teas,where many varieties can be traced to small, family-owned tea gardens". Bianca Jagger Harper's Bazaar

"Postcard Teas boasts an amazing list of teas, some of which you may never have heard of and some you know well. The website tells you more about tea than you ever knew and best of all sends you on an exploratory tour of its tea estates". Lucia van der Post The Times

"There are many tea aficionados out there, but Tim d'Offay's passion for the perfect brew - responsibly sourced and lovingly blended - sets him apart. An innovator in his field, he sells green, black, and oolongs". Wallpaper*

"Timothy d'Offay is one of the foremost tea experts in the world". Rose Prince The Good Food Producers Guide 2010

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