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Bloggerview with Dr Prakash of Harley Street discusses food as a benefit for your skin

Doctor Jeya Prakash
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Which are the worst food groups for ageing?
Without a doubt, the worst foods for ageing are white group foods that are high in carbohydrates, such as white bread, pasta,
chips and potatoes; foods high in sugar should also be avoided as they pile on the pounds. Even if the pack says low fat, check out the sugar content as many are very high and, when combined with a carbohydrate, can be worse than eating a food with a higher fat content. Fast food in general is very ageing to the skin and the body.
Switch to Rye or brown bread and rice – these are much better for you and will give you more energy.
Which food groups would you recommend to help keep skin clear, especially for teenagers?
There is no sure fire way to keep teenage skin clear but washing skin with a non-acnegenic product will keep pored unclogged. Take care not to over-wash as this will dry the skin and create excess oil.
Avoid fast food and food groups that are high in sugar or oil. Try to eat foods that are rich in vitamin A - dark green leafy vegetables, and yellow-orange vegetables and fruits, such as carrots, sweet potatoes, apricots, mangos, yams and squash. Cod liver oil also has high levels of vitamin A and D.
It is also beneficial to drink plenty of purified water – up to 2.5 litres a day - to flush out toxins and transport nutrients. Lower your meat content also.
What is the healthiest way to start the day?
Porridge oats are a great way to kickstart the day - you can add some nuts, blueberries or blackberries and it’s even better if you make it with goats milk, which is healthier than cows milk. Otherwise, any brown cereal, as long as it’s low in sugar.
When you’re always on the go, you have to grab a snack sometimes. What’s the healthiest option?
A good tip is to keep some nuts in your bag. Starbucks sells small packs and Marks & Spencer sells small packs of coconut pieces, which are good for a healthy energy boost when you’re on the move.
A small amount of soft cheese, along with a handful of nuts such as cashew, or unsalted peanuts or almonds will also help boost your energy and are not fattening as you might think.
If I am really hungry when I get in late, what’s the best thing to nibble on before bedtime?
It’s not a good idea to eat later than four hours before sleep, as the body may store the food as fat. You can kills the hunger pangs with a scoop of unsalted peanut butter (no added sugar) or a small glass of almond milk. 
Would you say that masticating strengthens facial muscles to the degree that it can help ward off signs of ageing?
Not at all - if anything, chewing gum is a waste good saliva that is needed for digestion. Chewing your food and taking some time doing it is good for your body, but you would better off doing facial exercises or having facial massage if you want to improve your appearance.
There always seems to be a fad diet to follow but how would you instill a healthy eating programme that can be followed for life?
Yo-yo dieters who follow every food fad will get slim for a while and then balloon up again worse than before; I’ve seen it time and time again. To maintain a healthy eating style that suits you and to keep it constant is the best form of diet. Eating smaller amounts of organic food and eating more often can help  keep you in a good shape.
Consult a doctor on what food groups suit you, as what works for one person may not work for another.
What is the best food to help healing after surgery?
Pineapple has an enzyme that helps healing and egg whites and redskin nuts, cheese, fish anything rich in vitamin A. Avoid foods rich in vitamin E or garlic as they thin the blood.
Indian food is notoriously full of fat. If I were to go to Madras,/ Cochin  for example, what would you recommend I eat if I am watching my weight?
Stick to vegetarian food, particularly organic. There are many restaurants in India that offer this, but if you are a Westerner you should avoid ice and milk products as they may leave you with an upset stomach.
Beauty products make a huge play on the fact that they are derived from plant extracts, but how much benefit can they have once they have been emulsified into a cream?
Plants like Aloe Vera have been known to be beneficial for thousands of years. Aromatherapy, which uses many plants, can help in anti-aging and healing.

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