Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Best wet fish shop in London James Knight of Mayfair

James Knight of Mayfair has to be one of Britains best wet fish shops, although no longer based in Mayfair but in Notting Hill and Selfridges, they have, none the less retained all the levels of service that must have been instilled whilst they were dealing with the Mrs Bridges of their day.  I was in Selfridges when they were hosting the Best of British week and James Knight of Mayfair had brought one of their suppliers up from Dorset to give a demonstration. his was to be fillet of Dover Sole stuffed with pickled sardines and blushed tomatoes and a crab and celeriac salad which was served on a baby gem leaf.

Anyway back to the lovely demonstration, the filleting of the Dover Sole was over in a flash with results that gave off after trimming 4 good pieces of fillet to make the said dish. Now I am sure most of us have heard of nose to tail eating when it comes to butchery, but they were also advising that you can also do this with dover sole and other soft boned fish. Off came the fillets leaving a carcass that would not have looked out of place in a Tom and Jerry cartoon, it was then put into spittingly hot oil to cook. The results of which were really a very fine crispy fishy nibble that more people should know about so when you get your flat fish lilleted by the fishmonger ask for the bones so you can try it yourself, it  really is worth it.

The chap that did it then went on to make the crab and celeriac salad, firstly he showed how to get all the meat out of the beast and pointed out that the dead mens fingers would not kill you just that they are not too tasty and should be left alone. He has his own crab place in Wyke Regis called The Crab House Cafe which is popular qwith Rick Stein and he is a supplier to JK of M so he must know his onions. 

Notting Hill Gate
James Knight of Mayfair
67 Notting Hill Gate,
Notting Hill,
W11 3JS
Key Contacts
Said Djemi- Manager
020 7221 6177
James Knight of Mayfair
Selfridges Food Hall,
400 Oxford Street,
Key Contacts
Earl Richards - Counter Manager
Mark Peat - Assistant Counter Manager
020 7318 3725

James Knight also have a great website with loads of fish recipes

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