Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The Minataur and Pret A Diner 11-25th Oct @ Old Vic Vaults

Photograph by Alexandra Heybourne

Set in the forgotten catacombs deep below the heart of old London town, The Minataur is a cultural spectacular featuring many artists of Lazarides Gallery group, alongside the culinary adventurism of Kofler & Komanie's Pret a Diner. This runs from the 11th -25th of October and is a must for all art and food lovers, Both are amazing as is the setting. 
Kofler and Kompanie are the culinary provocateurs behind Pret A Diner, other pop ups by them have caused as much as a sensation as this one is proving to be the Melting Pot  in Berlin and The Tree House in Frankenfurt both accompanied by Lazarides exhibitions.

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