Monday, 5 September 2011

Bloggerview with Steven Smith author of the brilliantly funny novel "It shouldn't happen to a hair dresser"

Name and occupation
Steven R Smith   Writer

What would you like to plug?
 My Book "It shouldn't happen to a hairdresser"

Name your three desert island ingredients
Ice water, coconuts  and ginger

What would you have for your last supper?
Chicken satay and chips with a green salad

What foodstuff would you banish to room 101?
Hamburgers and Goats Cheese

What's your favourite restaurant, and why?Grand Vefour  in Paris, my partner took me there as a surprise on my 22nd birthday along with my best friend Denise Welch ( Loose Women) so it has beautiful memories.

What's your favourite tipple? Vodka, Slimline Tonic reminds me of Summer sitting gossiping and it does not get me drunk

Which book gets you cooking ?
Cupboard Love By Laura Lockington , each chapter makes me want to go eat
What's your dream dinner party line-up? And what would you cook for them?
Denise Welch ( Loose Women) Martin Annand ( my ex partner and dearest friend) Richard Wallace ( Mirror Editor) as he sex on legs and funny , Pam Sharrock my pr and confidant , not really into having famous people  for dinner as they tend to be a disappointment high maintenance  like my real friends around me or people to flirt with, dinner party should be about fun and being yourself..

I would do my spicy water melon prawn salad, followed by orange coriander  chicken.

What was your childhood teatime treat?
Funny enough, steak pie with mash, it would make sick now, have not eaten red meat for almost 32 years and not keen on pastry

What would you make to impress your partner?
I do not think you need to make anything to impress a partner just be your self it should be enough. But at  a push ice cream seems to always do the trick in more ways than one!

What was your most memorable meal?
A fish that had been soaked in lemon grass over night we ate it on  on a small island off the coast of Cannes. I can still remember it though it was 29 years ago

What was your biggest culinary disaster?
Giving  my partner scrambled eggs with smoked salmon for breakfast in bed, he hates both. It was the first year and from then on I served cornflakes and strawberries

What's the worst meal you've ever had?
With out a doubt two weeks ago at a restaurant in Battersea . I did not know it was possible to do that with a chicken but truly made me feel sick, even now thinking about it.

What's the most outlandish thing you've ever eaten?
 Whitchetty Grub worm, tasted nutty, and I quite like it, it was served on pumpkin bread on a quails egg

Who's your food hero/food villain?
Marco Pierre White  is my hero  as who cares what he cooks he is sexy and funny.
Villain  McDonald.s they should all be closed down

Gordon or Marco and why?
Marco he is adorable sexy and has a great scenes of humour


Cocktail or Highball?
Cocktail "Porn Star Martini's " at Balan's Earl's Court

Muesli or fry-up?
Muesli there is a great wheat free one at Tesco's add soya milk and blueberries and its heaven.

Wine or beer
Wine , and nice white burgundy Meursault

KFC or Burger King?
( Throwing up) Burger King  they do a chicken breast that is not covered in crap, and almost passes for a chicken.

What do you consider the best of the best of British?
If I am drunk Fish and Chips, that's what we are known for world wide I guess.

Which country do you look forward to going to the most because of the food?
Malta they do the best fish and even exports to Japan.

What's the best/worst thing about the British restaurant scene?
Service is still the worst thing in the Uk I was in Joe Allen's on Friday the waitress gave us a filthy look when we asked where the chips were that went with Burger my lady friend ordered. It was the same when it came to paying, it would be nicer if we were a little more like the USA on the service front.
Best is  we make better food than the USA and we go for quality rather than size.

What do you think will be the next big thing?
I think Mexican food will become huge, once we learn how to do it well. Avocado is given out here like it was a line of gold in South and Northern America its a big part of Mexican food, and it's so tasty . First thing I do is hit my local Mexican when in Miami.

What would you do if you could choose any other career?
Doctor, they seem to help people for real.

Make a wish
To have my old mate Lester Middlehurst ( Daily Mail ) back and he had found happiness and contentment and that my book sells well.

P.S. Stevens book is a GREAT read and full of stories you will never have heard before, so please follow the link at the top of the post to order you copy. JCC


  1. Great interview, looking forward to reading the book!!

  2. ienjoyed reading the interview funny and witty just like steven ,i have been fortunate enough to have a seak preview at the book .its entertaining interesting and full off laughs,id recomend it to any one looking for a good read .well done steven .

  3. Great hairdresser, great writer - and I reckon he'd have made a great doctor too! Steve's book is hilarious, well worth a read.