Saturday, 22 October 2011

Spaghetti House, a good deal since 1955

That old saying if it ain't broke don't fix it come to mind when I think of Spaghetti House. They have been trading since 1955 and it wasn't until last week that I went to one. They have stuck to the same formula since opening in 1955 indeed there are still a couple of things that are still on the menu from that date, sad to say the prices are not! The original price for spaghetti bolognese  was 4/9 that's four shillings and nine pence to the youngsters  and a quick conversion makes that the grand total of 24 pence, how times have changed it is now £7.90. That being said all the produce is made on site every day and is of a really good standard. There is of course more than spaghetti to choose from and covers all regions of Italy.

The one I went to was the one on St Martins Lane, and as expected it was packed to the rafters with theatre goers, these however leave on mass at about 7.15pm to catch their shows. This leaves the restaurant  time to get back into gear and have a steady stream of customers therein after. The cross section of customers was varied, lots of Italian tourists, well lots of tourists full stop and a few business men eating alone and the unequivocal braying of the home counties set who were looking for a pit stop that would not break the bank but which they new was good quality and value.

The restaurant is huge but spread over 2 floors, I found out that they can do over 1,000 covers a day in peak season. This would not surprise me as the staff they have are some of the most efficient staff I have ever come across, a great skill to be that busy but  still be able to make the customer feel that their request is the most important thing that they would like to do for you.

Getting back to the fact that they have been going since 1955, they have one of the first pasta making machines to be brought to the country in their lobby and the Heath Robinson looking contraption looks that it served its time well making the fresh pasta that they use, there is an old school feel to this restaurant that I hope will not be lost, its is quite a claim to have been going for so long and with 9 sister restaurants around London they have seen off some serious competition and I can now totally see why. The product they offer is made with great care and knowledge and served with sincerity. The whole time I was there I didn't see one plate being offered back due to a complaint and the majority of plates when cleared from the table were clear, bearing in mind the size of the portions, they are not on the stingy side, speaks volumes.

There are loads of things that are on my haven't done culinary list and I am very glad to say that never having been to Spaghetti House is no long there. It is now somewhere I will go with the knowledge that I am going to get great value for money, and from my one experience so far, great food. Who could ask for more.
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