Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Sanctum on the green

Sanctum On The Green

Sanctum On The Green
The Old Cricket Common
Cookham Dean

Restaurant and Room Reservations
Tel: + 44 (0)1628 482 638
Fax: + 44 (0) 1628 487 474

Weddings and Events
Tel: + 44 (0) 777 999 0830

A trip to the country brought a little taste of the city as a great surprise. Heading west out of London with no particular place in mind as a destination is not something I normally do but as with most things it seemed a good idea  at the time. A friend had just bought a new Range Rover and wanted to give it a run in the country, still on roads but in an environment it was built for!!. Open to the elements but certainly not off road. He seemed to get the hang of it quite quickly and we were soon surrounded by open fields so the car, if not us, felt at home, well thats what he thought, its best to keep him happy.

Deepest darkest country still with no end game plan was beginning to make me itchy so I started to think about where we were. a sign post for Maidenhead was the only clue so off we headed. it was on the way there that in the deepest darkest recess of my mind that I remembered that Sanctum Hotel in Soho has a sister hotel in the country called Sanctum on the Green, well what could be better a bit of West End luxury in deepest darkest countryside. A quick phone call to Sanctum HQ in London and having got the post code off them, popped it on the sat nav and hey presto we were closer than I thought. I wasn't really expecting it to be just like Sanctum Soho but on pulling into the car park, the Range Rover was not out of place and was snugly parked in between a flame red Ferrari on one side and a rather smarter Range Rover on the other, so Soho had come to the country and instead of the hot tub there at the entrance was a fully fledged swimming pool, which due to the weather had been put to bed but still it was there and all the better for that. Unfortunately it was dark when we got there so I couldn't take it the surrounding countryside. The interior I admit was more West End than West Country, The welcome was effusive and very welcome, we were shown straight to the bar a wonderfully beamed room with the bar separating the dining area and the drinking area. I was happy but the driver was a bit miffed as I ordered a great glass of red wine and he got water.

Not wanting to rush back to town, we decided to have dinner there. The food was great I had pork rillets to start and the confit canard as a main. Both were substantial and hit the spot perfectly. There was a buzz in the restaurant and a few arrivals for the rooms that they have there. They also make everything from scratch, the bread, which was great right down to the marmalade you would put on it in the morning, if you are lucky enough to be staying. Its that attention to detail that makes this restaurant that little bit special. a A lot of people straight of planes from Heathrow. Its not that far away so would make a great destination for pre or post flights if you don't want to travel too far on your return or a great place to stay if you have an early flight. SO much better than those horrid ones at the airport.

They were gearing themselves up for Christmas and it really would be a wonderful place to stay for the festive season or to celebrate the New Year. 

Well to sum it up. Get in your car head west find yourself near Maidenhead and then make the short detour to Cookham Dean you will not be disappointed, its what the countryside is all about to me. Lots of fields but lots of great food and by the look of the rooms on the website, a place you could have a lot of fun, without getting too muddy!!

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