Thursday, 3 March 2011

Euston we have no problem, now

Raavi, 125 Drummond Street, NW1 2HL 020 7388 1780

Euston is not renowned for its profusion of good restaurants but there is tucked away behind the ugliness of the 60's edifice a gem that was brought to my attention by the gastronome Carol Whitworth. Having had a very cultural morning with Caroline Richards and Tony Broad going round the Hoppe exhibition at The National Portrait Gallery, off we set to Drummond Street, NW1 not the most appealing looking place but its saving grace was A, being recommended by Carol and B, being eulogised by Charles Campion in a cut out and enlarged article from the Evening Standard circa July last year, now he does like his food and was literally singing its praises, what followed was nothing if not sublime, a couple of mixed grills to start with accompanied with the best coriander sauce, I for one have ever tasted. This then followed by the usual selection of curries all shared out and all of superb subtle flavours. This really is worth hunting out and not only if you are going to Euston but for the reason that the food is of tip top quality and best of all really cheap. Carol I owe you a big thank you for not only paying for the lunch but also the introduction.

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