Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Pollen Street Social

5 Pollen Street
For reservations try calling 020 7629 1555
to speak to one of the most savvy reception teams I have seen for a while.

Jason Atherton has not only left Gordon Ramsay Holdings he has left him standing.
With his first stand alone restaurant he has created a fine dining experience without  the hushed ambiance, the room was full of rich young  people who were all out to have a good time and have some amazing food at the same time.
The attention to detail by the front of house team was outstanding and the quality of everything from the paper the menus are printed on to the leather that encases them.

A fine menu that will appeal to all and if you just want a snack then the bar staff will  look after you extremely well, I have a feeling that they love carving the Iberico Ham to order, the look of concentration on Adams face when he does it is a joy to behold.
Just make sure you have the Eton Mess with wild strawberries.

And if you go for dinner
they give you breakfast as well
but I will not spoil the surprise.

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