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Bloggerview with Tracey Howes

Tracey Howes
Photo:Paul Winch-Furness

Tracey Howes
Restaurant Marketing & Events Specialist
Current client: Northbank Restaurant & Bar, London

I create strategic marketing plans for restaurants to attract and retain customers and meet their bottom line. I organise food and wine events for restaurants and corporate clients alike. I love exceeding expectations -  passion for the hospitality industry goes a long way and I believe there is always room for improvement.  Happy staff = happy customers!

What is your favourite food item?


What do you like to cook for friends and why?

Comfort food with a hint of chilli e.g  anything Thai, Bobotie ( a traditional SA dish similar to shepherds pie), seafood risotto

You come from South Africa, what do you miss food wise from there?
The desserts and yes, the fantastic variety of seafood

What sweets did you like as a child?

Jelly beans, Jelly babies, liquorice allsorts - the chewier the better - I love them all!

What is your earliest food memory?

Eating icing sugar off a spoon whilst my mom baked - she's the reason for my passion for food

A celebration is not complete without......

A glass of bubbly, particularly Prosecco.

What is your favourite cocktail?

An Espresso Martini or a Dirty Martini aka "a meal in a glass" - Im researching the best of both in London for my new blog

 Favourite restaurant apart obviously from Northbank?
Village East in Bermondsey (same team behind Riding House Cafe) for casual dining, Helen Darroze at The Connaught for special occasions (I dream about her lobster & chicken pie)

Which seasonal ingredient do you look forward to seeing most during the year?

Jersey Royals

Can you butcher a sheep?

Not yet... ask me after my butchery class at The Ginger Pig soon

Which chef do you most admire?

Im a big fan of up and coming chefs likeThe Young Turks who are testing the waters of running a restaurant through pop-up versions  - we get to taste their innovative food and support them on their move up the ranks.  I also support Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's Fish Fight campaign  to save our seas and fish - and have him to thank for my excellent fish pie!

Fine dining or relaxed local?
Usually relaxed local but I love the whole experience of emersing oneself in a fine dining restaurant for a few hours of foodie escapism. For me the memories of those experiences are invaluable. I also enjoy attending Secret Supperclubs - a great way to meet like-minded people and taste an astounding variety of food at very reasonable prices.

In what way would you like to see things develop in the restaurant industry?

Better training for young people who see hospitality as a true vocation and not just a means to an end.  I admire Fred Sirieix who recently launched The Art Of Service , a hands-on training tool for hospitality staff.  I've met some inspirational people in the industry and would like to see more restaurant owners and chefs getting involved in training programmes to inspire the next generation.

Favourite food blogs?


Twitter: @TraceyHtastes

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