Sunday, 7 July 2013

Unitas Team Builing

The chefs involved.
Ed Baines, John Burton Race and Martin Blunos

There are two words that put the fear of death into me, those being, Team Building. The very idea of being in a situation, not of my making, and having to perform a task I may not be good a,t and therefore embarrass myself in front of work colleagues, really is enough to bring me out in a cold sweat. So what I am about to tell you should make you realise how good the evening was. Well firstly the evening was run by Massimo Montone, who in a previous life was one of the best restaurant managers around Londons tip top West End and he has now managed to top that by starting these team building events in conjunction with Unitas Events. 

Admittedly the evening I went to was the first dummy run that they did, although you wouldn't have known as everything was seamless. The only difference being that all three of the Unitas celebrity chefs were there (although, you too could if you wanted to) for the evening so we all were divided up into groups. The Starter group (in more ways than one!) had Ed Baines and promptly started to make a crab salad. I was in the main group with John Burton Race, who, whilst being very forthright on how the dish should be put together was great fun whilst we were actually trying to do it. And the losing group, sorry the winning group, though God knows how are with Martin Blunos and make an apple tart,, that quite frankly my ten year old God-daughter would have made a better attempt at and ye, somehow, they won.

My initial reaction to this was incredulity, after all hadn't we followed Chef Burton Race to the letter? wasn't it the most difficult dish to cook?  well the answers were yes and yes, but the whole point of the exercise is to look at how you worked as a team and whilst we managed to make the dish, it was not really in the most team focused way. And that is where this event comes into its own as they have someone to analize your performance and help to explain how you can take the experience into your work life.

I have to say that the other teams seemed to have as much fun as we did with Chef Burton Race, so whoever you choose, you are bound to be in for a good time. There is just one thing though that they couldn't really explain, and that was why we didn't win!!!

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