Monday, 16 May 2011

Embassy Nightclub al fresco dining

29 Old Burlington Street
020 7851 0956

Nightclub dining is something of a misnomer in London, you have the excellent Annabel's or you have very second rate food, that was my opinion until on one of the warm nights last week when I joined a couple of friends who were going to Embassy to eat before going downstairs to the club. The first thing to hit me was the fact that for a subterranean club they had a terrace upon which were laid tables for dining. I had just passed Cecconi's where they pack you in like sardines on their pavement space, but at Embassy they have a bone fide roped off terrace and the tables there are much bigger and more conducive to a lingering meal. We sat down at the end of the terrace on the last table they had available over head heating supplied the extra cushion of warmth that was needed later in the evening but when we sat we asked for it to be turned off, it was just a little bit too hot.

The buzz from inside the restaurant was kept at a minimum due to the window that separates said terrace from inside but you could tell that everyone inside was having  a great time, the staff were very attentive and brought our drinks out to us and then talked us through the daily specials, all of which was done in a manner that made you think that they really cared about what they were serving and not just listing off what the restaurant manager had told them at the beginning of their shift. It really is a great spot to people watch and the stream of people going into the club really didn't let us down, it seems to be one of the favourite spots of the TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex) crowd, and over dinner Anna and myself were aghast that our other companion John didn't get it, whats not to like about TOWIE ?

The menu has a strong Italian bent to it and is all executed with aplomb and the wine suggestions were spot on, but really the thing that got me was the terrace, really one of the best al fresco spots in central London and definitely the best in Mayfair, the company as ever were on sparkling form and the evening went in a flash. while they were getting there things together to go downstairs to the club, I was happily sitting there (with the heater on by now) and just savouring the last of my coffee on what had to be one of the best evenings of al fresco dining I have had in London and one which I hope to repeat many times this summer...

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