Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Riding House Cafe

Riding House Cafe
43-51 Great Titchfield Street
020 7927 0840

For anyone who has eaten at either of their two other restaurants; The Garrison and Village East, practically beside each other on Bermondsey Street in South London, will be delighted that there is now a third option in The Riding House Cafe, bang in Londons tip top West End. Much easier to get to(For me anyway) and for all intensive purposes it is the beautiful child from the two afore mentioned.

A wide and varied menu makes it ideal to pop into at any time day or night, for a snack or for the works.  A very user friendly menu that will not confound anyone, nothing that would confuse and all remarkably well executed.
 The one thing that seems to be universal in their expanding empire is their ability to pick the staff, all of whom, the ones I met anyway were clued up and knew what they were talking about but in a passionate way not as if the had learnt everything parrot fashion. Something which is getting better in London but at way too slower pace.

The bar caters for all tastes and foibles and is a great addition to the area.

Really nothing bad to say about it and if planning to go during peak service periods it is advisable to book. They have  a great website and the stories leading up to the opening are well worth a read if you are planning to open a restaurant yourself, what looks seamless now, is the culmination of a LOT of hard work, and that in itself is a very good reason to go. The passion and dedication that led to the opening of the restauarant is evident in every aspect of service.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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