Friday, 20 May 2011

The UK's Most Dangerous Supper Club

Fugu Supper Club is the first dining experience serving the notorious tiger blowfish in the UK. Launching in June 2011, fugu is Japanese for pufferfish and is one of the most celebrated dishes in Japanese cuisine. The torafugu, or tiger blowfish, is the most prestigious of edible pufferfish species, however is also the most toxic of marine creatures. Because of its reputation, this rare and delicate delicacy has been the preserve of Japan's gourmet elite and now for the first time offered to adventurous London diners.

One of the most expensive foods in the world, fugu is not permitted for sale in the EU. However with Fugu Supper Club's unique source of supply, are able to bring small amounts into the country for personal consumption at private dinner parties.

The experience is like no other meal. Prospective diners are asked to register their interest through the Fugu Supper Club website. Guests are then informed by email, disclosing the time and location of the sitting. In true 'pop-up' style, diners are invited to various locations, ranging from a grand central London mansion to an unoccupied gallery space. Here they join other gastro thrill-seekers for a champagne reception before taking their seats to an exquisite six-course, omakase fugu feast prepared by experienced chefs.

By its very nature, dining at Fugu Supper Club is not the cheapest way to eat out. Due to the limited amount of places and the logistics of planning each event, the

price per head is £250. However, service, drinks and a truly unforgettable evening are all included in the price, making this meal more than competitive to other high-end Japanese restaurants and private dining packages. With its complex texture and subtle flavour, fugu is prized by gourmet aficionados the world over. Fugu Supper Club is bringing this specialty within reach for adventurous London gastronomes seeking the exceptional and the extraordinary. For a limited time only

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