Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Time to clean up.

Walking through the streets of London first thing in the morning on the way to work is not one of lifes great thrills due to the detritus that is left behind by those having a great night the night before and before the heavily overworked  road sweepers have been able to get stuck in. It becomes very obvious that some business owners have a very different approach to others.
  On my way in in the morning I walk along Brewer Street and every morning I see the KP outside HIX, not only is he cleaning up outside the horrors from the night before but he is doing it with a smile and always a good morning, as I pass. He washes the pavement down every morning and obviously takes great pride in doing so. This not only reflects well of him but also that of the restaurant he works for. The fact that the outside should reflect the inner running of a place where people should feel comfortable in the knowledge that they are being looked after to a level that is not replicated elsewhere in London. Because this is not the norm, for sure other place do have this ethic of scrupulous cleanliness, but there are too many restaurants and indeed shops that seem to over look the importance of first impressions.
 For so many people walking through London have no idea the reputation of restaurants and readily do take them at face value, for sure they will be aware of the area they are walking through, Mayfair or Soho the atmosphere of both so different but yet so close, separated only by Regent Street. The fact that all restaurants are clamoring for people to cross the threshold and to take their places at the white linen covered tables, expensively adorned with the trappings of feasting, are the proprietors that short sighted that if they leave the evidence of a life that does not reflect their business still visible on the outside, on the facade of their buildings that they will not attract their full quota of fully appreciative diners.
There should be no reason that all restaurants should not take after the example I have used in HIX, not only will the streets look better but they will also benefit from the fact that they to the outsider look as if they run a well oiled machine both inside and out.

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