Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Barts book club. This month ‘Sullivan’s List- The 100 Most Amazing Events in the World’

This month The Barts Hendrick’s Book Club is delighted to present the launch of a new book ‘Sullivan’s List- The 100 Most Amazing Events in the World’ on Wednesday 7th September at 7pm.  More than 350 adventurers all over the world shared their photos, tips and experiences for this book and it will be a thrilling read. Sullivan’s List will be presented at Barts by David Vermeulen, who compiled all the suggestions. 
Originally from Amsterdam and now living in London, David used to run the marketing department for FHM in Holland and is now active in online gaming and publishing. This is his first book of what will be the Sullivan’s List Top 100 series.  
Sullivan's List is based on the unique story of U.S. park ranger, Roy C. Sullivan (1912-1983) who was hit by lightning seven times.  He survived every strike and each time he wanted to make a list of all the amazing events he wanted to experience. He never made this list. Sullivan's List is the inspiration for those who don’t want to wait for lightning to strike but want to explore the world right now.

David will be taking questions from the floor and the person with the most peculiar query will win a £20 Waterstones Book Voucher and a Hendrick’s teapot filled to the brim with the splendid Hendrick’s Chelsea Rose cocktail.

Barts is a quirky 'speak easy' style bar on prestigious Sloane Avenue in the heart of Chelsea. It is the brainchild of Duncan Stirling and Charlie Gilkes, the young duo who also recently opened the highly successful 80’s themed nightclub, Maggie’s. It is well loved for its great and innovative cocktails and sense of fun.  They will launch Bunga Bunga, an Englishman's Italian, Bar, Pizzeria and Karaoke in Battersea this September.

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