Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Indian for Breakfast ? Then go to Dishoom

Breakfast @ Dishoom
Upper St Martins lane
7420 9320

Monday – Thursday
8am – 11pm
8am – 12am
10am – 12am
10am – 10pm

I am sure everyone has looked at the cold curry in the fridge the morning after and thought, oh good there's some left, taken it out of the fridge in its foil container and polished it off. Indian restaurants are not known for being open for breakfast, that was until now. Dishoom on Upper st Martins lane opens on the dot of 8 and has some rather surprisingly delicious things on its breakfast menus that are a lot better than the cold curry out of the fridge and much healthier to boot.
Start the day off with a Lassi the yoghurt based drink here served with Banana and  Mango with oat or a fruit roomali a delicious light roti served with very seasonal fruit, mascaropne and honey. They have a selection of naan rolled with  the choice of egg, bacon or sauasage. The bombay omlette is spiced and will certainly wake you up if feeling a little groggy still. Howvwer out of all of the items on the breakfast menu I have to say that The Bombay Breakfast Bake is something once tasted will never be forgotten. This consists of two eggs that are then baked on a lentil bhaji mash and served with a fresh nan. Breakfasts will never be the same again.

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