Thursday, 18 August 2011

National dishes of the world. 1st country. Afganistan with Kabulia pulao

I am starting this collection of national dishes of the world, as this blog has now been read in over 90 countries around the world. I thought it might be an idea for everyone to know what other peoples national dishes are. I will keep it simple, just with the name, picture and recipe for all to follow. Forgive me if for religious reasons you do not eat some of the ingredients, but this really is just a collection of national dishes from around the world, and as you know, we all like different things.. I hope you find this of interest and that you are able to make at least a few of them to see what they taste like. 

Afganistan has Kabulia pulao as its national dish

  1. Half kg —— Basmati rice
  2. 1 kg —— Lamb or beef on the bone
  3. 100 gms —— Vegetable oil
  4. 2 liters —— Water
  5. 2 large —— Carrots
  6. 100 gms —— Black seedless raisins
  7. Zeera ( Cumin )
  8. Dalchini ( cinnamon )
  9. Ilaichi ( Cardamom )
  10. salt & pepper
  1. Brown 1 medium diced onion in oil. Add lamb or beef cut into 1” cubes & brown lightly.
  2. Add 2 cups of water, 1 tsp (or to taste) each of salt, dalchini, ground zeera & ground ilaichi.
  3. Cover & simmer (about an hour) until meat is tender.
  4. Remove meat from the juice & set juice aside.
  5. Cut 3 carrots into match stick size pieces. Sauté carrots & 1 tsp sugar in about quarter cub of oil.
  6. Cook until they are lightly browned. Remove from oil.
  7. Add 1 cup of raisins to the oil & cook until they swell up.
  8. Boil the meat juice & add 2 cups basmati rice.1.5 tsp salt & enough boiling water to come 2 inches over the rice.
  9. Cook until the water is absorbed & the rice is tender (not mushy).
  10. Mix the meat, carrots, raisins & rice together.
  11. Place in a large oven-proof casserole, cover & bake at 300 degrees of for about 45 mins.

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