Thursday, 11 August 2011

Taylor Street baristas. Coffee of the year as voted by JCC


Taylor Street Baristas
22 Brooks Mews
for other locations please go to

Taylor Street Baristas have managed to do the unthinkable, they have just made going for a coffee a whole lot more fun. Rumour has it that when they moved into town a Starbucks over the road closed down, not saying that they were the cause but thank the lord there is one less. These guys have it right from the moment you get through the door, to queue up you pass the most mouth watering cakes and pastries and sandwiches and you have time to take in the art on the walls, at the moment bits of bikes, probably a bike messengers' who went in for a coffee and never left. It is that sort of a place, somewhere you want to linger and make a daily detour to. Must admit I have only been to the one in Mayfair, but the coffee is excellent and I have been reliably informed that the others as as good and should I find myself passing one and in need of a coffee, I would be more than happy to go in.

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