Monday, 1 August 2011

Zippo gives the do's and dont's for the BBQ

Few things lift your mood on a summery day quite like the smoky aroma of the BBQ grill, so think about the following for BBQ fun for all - ·    
Safety first! Pick a sheltered spot on a flat surface, create a pyramid shape with your charcoal or briquettes and never use paper, cardboard or alcohol to get the fire going. Rather, try out the Zippo Multipurpose Lighter to light a safe and controlled fire for your BBQ. ·        

Don’t burn your fingers or your taste buds! BBQ pros know that using a heat stable oil like sunflower oil on the grill itself makes for ultra juicy BBQ food. Hold your hand about 10 inches above the grill, if after three seconds your hand is hot – the BBQ is ready for cooking! ·        

The perfect cooking time depends on the thickness of the meat you are bbqing. As a rule of thumb, aim for a minute of grilling per centimetre thickness of the meat. Avoid using a fork to turn your meat, try tongs instead to let the juices settle for a delicious BBQ meal. ·        

Whilst fish is also great on the BBQ, shellfish is fantastic when grilled for a short amount of time – perfect with a light summery salad. The best seasonings are homemade ones – try simple salt and pepper as an addition to the wonderfully natural smoky taste. ·        

Should your BBQ fire go out, panic not! The Zippo Flex Neck Lighter is super safe and easy to use to relight the fire in a second. Not even a burning hot grill can get in the way of this bendy necked, reliable gadget.

Zippo Flex Neck Lighter RRP: £14Zippo 
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