Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Northbank has hidden talents, Laura Wright hits the number one spot

Not only does Northbank provide customers with first class food and drinks they, until now have been hiding one of the music worlds great untapped talents. One of the waitresses there has landed on the number one spot in the classical music album charts. Laura Wright, the said waitress says the " The restaurant is on hold at the moment, but I will definitely go back there and continue for as long as needs be. I have made some really great friends there." How refreshing this is. I am not surprised that she enjoys her time at Northbank as every time I have been there it is evident that all their staff there are having a good time and this reflects in their service. Service is one of the most difficult things to get right in a restaurant but when it all comes together it is like a well oiled machine that resembles the cast of a successful play in the west end, and indeed a restaurant when empty is like a theatre when it is dark. The fact that most people do not have a clue who their waiters or waitresses are is born out by this story of Laura Wright, who at Northbank would have known who she was. Really only the nice customers who take time and make enquiries to someone who is serving them, so probably most of the regulars knew and will hopefully be delighted by her success and will welcome her back and carry on as normal. The fact is that most waiters have another string to their bow and have hidden talents they they pursue when not working, waiters are in general more interesting than most of their customers. Laura Wright isn't the first waitress to find success and wont be the last. Next time you are sitting in a restaurant have a look at the staff and just imagine what else they get up to when not at work and ask them, interaction will only get you better service. Its a well worn formula, treat people as you would like to be treated and lets face it no one likes to have someone click their fingers at you to get your attention now do they.

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