Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Exhibition opening for Romero Britto @ Imitate Modern. Marylebone

Romero Britto – “Modern Icons”
Name of gallery
Imitate Modern
Address of Gallery
27A Devonshire Street
020 7486 9927

Last night saw me at an art exhibition showing the work of  uber talented Brazilian artist Romero Britto in his homage to royalty and religion, to say the work was colourful would be an understatement. The crowd was a very high end affair with the Billion Dollar babe herself Tamara Ecclestone topping the league and Tamara Beckwith making up a brace of Tamaras. The music was spit spot on and under the watchful eye of the owners mother, who had the most incredible diamond cuff, almost detracting from the art work.

All good parties need a libation and for the evening they had chosen to offer Campari and I for one am so glad they did. Mixed by the very capable Loris Contro who is an Italian spirit specialist for Cellar Trends, mixed the most refreshing drinks and converted many who were not too keen on the thought of Campari, The nibbles came from Getti next door to the gallery which were greatly needed as the Campari was flying.

So the point of this little glimpse into my social life is to spread the word on Campari, From Negronis to simply with soda and a bit of orange it really is a great drink.

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  1. Well i know the art of britto..
    Many of people like me admire the work of brito..
    And we want more work by britto..