Friday, 25 November 2011

The little one. Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill which has to be one of Londons more desirable areas in which to live, ergo attracting a very cosmopolitan bunch of inhabitants to its environs. You would have thought then that the place would be crawling with great coffee shops to meet the demand of these discerning locals. Well it wasn't until the beginning of this year that that was altered for the good of everyone there. At a time when most people were not venturing outside the intrepid owners of THE LITTLE ONE had pitched their pitch to the side of Primrose Hill Interiors ( formerly BOOM)

You can see the hardships that they had to battle against, but they have chosen well and over time when the snaking queue of coffee drinkers was winding its way down Regents Park Road then  the landlord of the building offered them an inside space from which to operate

They are well known for their silky smooth coffee (Monmouth Coffee Beans) which is freshly ground for every order ensuring freshness, and made on a machine from Taylor Street Baristas. Along with their crepes which they  started whilst outside on the van so everyone knows the way they do their regular crepes or their crepes with a slight twist - No dairy Spinach, Carrot or no dairy gluten & wheat free. They also have their famous homemade No Dairy Carrot muffins & Banana, Honey & Cinnamon bread which has been very successful and also popular with the Yoga crowd. ( of which there are many)

Lastly they have a selection of sandwiches & baguettes using handmade breads from The Bread Factory but most importantly they are a really nice couple called Ben & Lisandra so whichever way you approach Primrose Hill make sure you hunt out THE LITTLE ONE it really does do the best coffee on THE HILL.

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