Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Best breakfast in London. Roast, Borough Market

Marcus Verberne
Head Chef of Roast
The Floral Hall
Stoney Street
London SE1 1TL
for bookings

Getting me anywhere in London before midday is quite an uphill struggle, but when I was asked to go for breakfast at Roast, I somehow managed to set the alarm well before it is used to going off. Now, to be perfectly honest Roast is a place that I had never put with breakfast, what was going to be on the menu? traditional roast with all the trimmings? That I have to say is far from the reality. The place was packed, a feat which some of the more well know places, i.e. the grander hotels would give their hind teeth to have for their breakfast sitting.

To say that they cater for every taste really is for once, the truth. I wouldn't normally show the menu but in this case it does far more justice to the place than mere words. If you cant find something that you like on this menu then really don't go out for breakfast. EVER.

The day I went it was a school day so there was an abundance of suits seemingly having very high powered meetings, yet there were also a lot of tourists filling up for a days sightseeing the local area, The Tate Modern is close by as is The Shard, Souhtwark Cathedral and many many more places of interest.

I really cannot think of a better place to start the day if you are in the area. The service was faultless and they were able to judge if you were in a hurry or there for a relaxing time, something other places are none too good at, so it made the experience all the better.

I found it difficult to find fault in anything, which is unusual, but none the less a fact.

There is one thing on the menu that did stand out, and was truly amazing and that was the bubble and squeak, so good, I would go back for that, although I might ask for a fried egg to top it off.


Roast Smoothie
Banana, milk, cashew nut, vanilla, Himalayan
sea salt 5.50
Pineapple O2
Pineapple, apple, aloe vera, mint5.50
Rise and Shine Bunny
Fresh carrot juice, fresh orange juice ginger
Popeye Juice
Fresh mint, sliced cucumber, elderflower
cordial and apple juice  5.50
Sweet Sexy Greens 
Cucumber, romaine, pear, celery, broccoli,
spinach, Swiss chard5.50
Wake Up Call Martini
Espresso coffee, coffee liqueur, coconut rum,
vanilla syrup11.00
Breakfast Martini
Classic cocktail with Marmalade, Bombay
sapphire gin, cointreau and fresh lemon juice 11.00
Pimm’s Royal 
Pimm’s liqueur and sparkling wine 14.00
Orange, apple, pink
grapefruit, tomato,
pineapple or cranberry
Carrot or pomegranate

Tea or coffee
Large eggs Benedict or Smoked Loch Etive trout with scrambled eggs
Your choice of fresh juice, Buck’s Fizz or Roast ‘Chapter Two’ 2008 Chapel Down
Smoked streaky bacon, ‘Roast recipe’ sausages, fried bread, Ramsay of Carluke’s
black pudding, grilled tomatoes, field mushrooms, bubble ‘n’ squeak
and your choice of egg: poached, fried or scrambled 15.00
Smoked streaky bacon, Ramsay of Carluke’s black pudding and haggis, ‘Roast recipe’
sausages , Lorne sausage,
tattie scone,grilled tomatoes, field mushroom, and your choice of egg: poached,
fried or scrambled 16.50
Veggie Borough banger, grilled tomatoes, field mushrooms, tattie scone,
wholemeal toast and your choice of egg: poached, fried or scrambled 12.50
Smoked Scottish ham, Neal’s Yard Cheddar, field mushrooms and herbs 7.50
Smoked Loch Etive trout 9.50
Toasted cottage loaf 2.50 / with a selection of England Preserves jams 3.80
Eggs Benedict 6.50 / 12.00
Eggs royal with smoked Loch Etive trout 8.50 / 16.00
Tattie scone with smoked streaky bacon, field mushrooms and a fried egg 9.00
Cinnamon eggy bread with smoked streaky bacon and bananas roasted in golden syrup 8.85
Grilled Orkney kippers with lemon and butter 6.00 / 10.00
Wicks Manor smoked streaky bacon and fried egg butty 6.00
Mini Magoo granuesli with rhubarb compote and thick yoghurt (wheat and gluten free) 5.50
Two boiled eggs with Marmite soldiers 4.85
Scott’s porridge oats with a jug of cream 4.50
Fresh fruit salad 6.50
Baked tomatoes in Worcestershire sauce 2.50 / Field mushrooms 2.50
‘Roast recipe’ bubble ‘n’ squeak in Britannia beef dripping 2.50
Fresh fruit 2.50 / ‘Roast recipe’ sausage 3.00
Veggie Borough banger 2.50 / ‘Roast recipe’ beans 3.00

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