Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Goslings Family Reserve Old Rum

The Gosling family have been making very special rum for seven generations, and until recently kept all of the Family Reserve Old Rum for themselves, who can blame them when it takes years to make and is made in very small batches.

After 155 years, Malcolm Gosling 7th Generation has decided to let the old family secret out of the barrel and share it with rum aficionados everywhere. It’s the perfect gift this Fathers Day, if you’re looking for something specially crafted and finished by hand. Old Rum has a deep, complex nose that leads to flavours such as leather, chocolate and a hint of pepper, all perfectly balanced by just the right amount of oak aging.

Every bottle of Goslings Family Reserve Old Rum is finished with care, they are labelled by hand, sealed with a cork, dipped in wax and individually numbered. Each bottle is then placed in a sturdy straw-filled wooden box.  This most unusual packaging recreates how the Goslings “Old Rum” was sold and enjoyed over 100 years ago, when the Gosling brothers used to swap rum for used Champagne bottles consumed by the British Royal Navy in Bermuda.  They could then package their rum for tourists to take back to America, previously it was only sold direct from the barrel. In order to ensure no leakages, the rum was sealed with a black wax and the bottle became known as the “Black Seal”.
Perfect for fathers who like to sip their tipple, Family Reserve Old Rum is crafted from the same blend of ingredients as the company’s flagship product, Gosling’s Black Seal Rum.  It is made in ultra small batches and aged longer in oak barrels to create an unusual richness and until it has acquired an extra luscious, nuanced complexity much like a rare scotch or cognac. Because it is made in such small batches it is “Unavailable” almost everywhere. However, the reception for Gosling’s Old Rum is impressive with a medley of accolades under its belt it is proven to be a winner with all who are lucky enough to taste it. Consider it the ultimate sipping Rum. Add ice if you must, but nothing else other than a little eager anticipation.

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