Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Penn State Popcorn and Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Popcorn , never knowingly fatteneing unless covered with caramel or butter, which lets face it is the best way to have it, until now that is. The very clever people at Penn State have created a popcorn that pops in thin air, albeit very hot thin air, thus reducing the calorie content to almost a minus score and do you know what? it does not detract from the flavour. My favourite being Monteray Jack Cheese but also available in Sweet and Salt.
 And just when you thought that they couldn't better themselves they go and bring out the chocolate covered pretzel whcih really is very, very good. Both really well worth atry and they will be re-introducing the Worcester Sauce variety and introducing a new flavour Spicy Tomato & Chorizo Pretzels a bit later this summer.

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