Monday, 18 July 2011

The Good Cook doth not make a Good Presenter

Simon Hopkins

Sad to say the programme presented by Simon Hopkins, truly one of the best chefs in the world falls into the category of not much more than a travelogue to places where he sources his ingredients. Although stuffed full of tips which while good are delivered in such a lugubrious manner, as if he were cooking for the Munsters. There is a book to go with the series and this has all the tips included and in my mind is a much better way to glean them. It does pain me to say this but really having had the perkiness of both Jamie and Nigella, I for one feel that there should be a note of enthusiasm in the presenter and although he says he is excited about things it doesn't really sound like it, and makes for rather dull viewing. The lifestyle element of these programmes by and by make up a lot of the content and are generally of interest. With Mr Hopkins, we find out that he is a fan of vinyl as opposed to i-pod docking station, we get to see his local shops, not that much different to anyone else's and we get to make his favourite foods, again not much different to anyone else's mothers or indeed grand mothers. Not so much as finger on pulse rather tourniquet trying to stem the flow of blood for a slow death.

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