Thursday, 1 September 2011

Alex James brings out cheese range @ ASDA

Alex James

When all is said and done a pop star is a pop star is a pop star. It takes someone with a great determination to follow on from being a pop star to be recognised as a leader in a different field. This particular field has a lot of livestock in it, that produces a lot of milk, that needs to be turned into something. This particular field also belongs to Alex James. Having forsaken his pop life he has now established himself as a country dweller having become a voice of reason for the country side and a well known food writer. It is then no mean feat that he has decided to bring out his own range of cheeses which are on sale in ASDA supermarkets all over Birtain.

 These flavours have been developed to include all comfort food scenarios - convenient bread shaped slices that make the ultimate toasties, Cheddar Spudsworth cubes which can be melted down and poured over jacket potatoes as well as traditional blocks that will bring an extra flavour kick to the most basic of cheeseboards.

Alex says of the launch;
“I’m hugely passionate about this range and I’m so excited that I’ve been able to bring it to life.
Seeing it stocked in Asda will give me a big kick. Asda were the natural choice for me to work with on this project. They’ve believed in my vision for the range and I’ve welcomed their expertise in cheesemaking, their confidence in this product and willingness to bring something cutting edge and truly innovative to the market. It’s definitely cheese, but not as the nation knows it…”

The full Alex James Presents range list reads as below. All prices are £2:
- Cheddar and Tomato Ketchup wedge
- Cheddar and Tikka Masala wedge
- Cheddar and Spring Onion wedge
- Cheddar and Sweet Chilli wedge
- Cheddar and Mozzarella bread shaped slices
- Cheddar and Tomato Ketchup bread shaped slices
- Cheddar and Salad Cream bread shaped slices
- Cheddar Spudsworth melting cubes
- Alex's Best Ever Mature Cheddar

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