Monday, 19 September 2011

Pescatori, Charlotte Street

57 Charlotte Street,
 W1T 4PD
 T: 020 7580 3289


Charlotte Street, just north of Oxford street is renowned for its diversity and profusion of restaurants. So finding somewhere to eat trhere is never a problem its just which restaurant to choose, walking the familiar pavements looking, still feeling uninspired we crossed over to the more northern part of the street and saw the terrace of Pescatori and decided to go there as neither of us had been there for ages and had good memories of it. It has been gussied up since the last time I had been there and we were shown to what I call a New York booth just beside the window, giving a great view of the busy street and also of the restaurant. We got there quite early and the place had the feel of a theatre just before a performance all the staff busy making sure that everything was in place much like actors at the five minute call.

The menu we were told had just changed, but really it still reflected what it is a rather good fish restaurant and the selection of fish and shell fish would keep any pescatorian happy and it did us down to the ground. Mussels and dressed crab to start with, both, especially the crab very very good. Very meaty and with that unmistakeable fresh crab taste. Ian who I was with and whom had just taken me to see the Degas exhibition then decided to go with the daily special of whole Sea Bass whilst I plumped for the Dover Sole. The Subtle way in which they had been cooked, only added to the freshness of the fish. Ian asked the waitress if she could bone it for him and this she did table side with the  dexterity of the true professional she is, over in a flash and presented back as a whole, very impressive.

Then cheese for Ian and ricotta tart for me, a perfect ending for both of us. The staff there really do know their onions and although it was quite quiet when we arrived it was soon packed, they were never far away if we needed them, Luana who was our waitress provided some of the best service and information I have seen in a long while and obviously enjoyed her time there.

They also have Pestatori on Dover Street in Mayfair, which unlike most chains, if two can be a chain, they run a different menu so if fish is your thing and you liked it here, you then have the added fillip of going to Dover Street for the different offerings.

We arrived at 6.45 and left at 10 and really had a very enjoyable evening, one I hope, I will have again before too long.

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