Monday, 6 February 2012

National Dishes of the World Belize with Belizean Boil Up


This will give you a step by step method of cooking this nations favourite dish......


Belizean Boil-Up
2 lbs fish 900g
1 tsp salt 5ml
2 pieces yam (8ozs)
2-3 medium cocoa
1 stick cassava (8ozs) 225g
1 small pig's tail (trim off fat)
3-4 green bananas (sliced)
2 firm, ripe plaintains (sliced)
2 sweet potatoes (8ozs) 225g
2 eggs (hard boiled)

1)  Scrape fish and clean with lime juice.
2) Peel ground foods and cut into small pieces (about 3" in length)
3) Add all ground foods and boil until fork tender. Set boil cake on top of ground foods.
4) Remove from pot. (ground foods and boil cake)
5) Cook fish in water in which ground foods was cooked. When tender, remove from water. Boi
eggs. Cool in cold water-remove from shells. Use as garnish.
6) Serve with a tomato sauce.

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