Friday, 11 November 2011

Bloggerview Penelope Valentine

Name and occupation. 

Penelope Valentine, SAHM/Property developer

What would you like to plug? 
The noise from my three children

Name your three desert island ingredients

Mascarpone/Contreau/ground almonds

Your best cooking tip.
Learn to cook with a glass of wine in one hand

What is your favourite snack?
gooey French cheese on crisp bread

What would you have for your last supper? 
lobster bisque

What foodstuff would you banish to room 101?

Anything processed

What's your favourite restaurant?

Aria - Sydney

What's your favourite tipple? 
Billecart Salmon

Which book gets you cooking ? 
my mums old cook book

What comfort food comforts you when you are sick? 
mushroom risotto

Kitchen implement you can't do with out. 
My oversized spatula, great for getting every bit of cake mixture out

What's your dream dinner party line-up? 
My family

And what would you cook for them? 
Lasgna, garlic bread, salad verde and a sticky date pudding for dessert with lots of toffee sauce

What is your favourite cooking aroma ? 
Freshly baked cake

What was your childhood teatime treat? 
Ice cream with creme de menthe

What was the first thing you learnt to cook?

chocolate fudge

What was there first thing you taught your children to cook?  
chocolate fudge

What was your mothers signature dish and do you try to copy it?

she made a lot of meat loaf and surprisingly i have never tried to copy it

What would you make to impress your partner? 
Anything as long as im wearing little more than an apron - that impresses the hell out of him

Where do you go for the best fish and chips? 
my kitchen

What was your most memorable meal?

an anniversary dinner at Rock pool with my husband

What was your biggest culinary disaster?

cooking liver for the first time - it was not good

What's the worst meal you've ever had? 

once on a road trip we were forced to eat McDonalds, it was like chewing polystyrene

What's the most outlandish thing you've ever eaten? 

chicken feet in china

Who's your food hero/food villain? 

My brother is both, he is an amazing chef who lives in Singapore - whenever he comes to sydney he cooks us up spectacular dishes but when he leaves i am always much heavier than when he arrived

Nigella or Delia? 


Gin or Vodka? 


Muesli or fry-up? 


Wine or beer? 


KFC or Burger King? Neither,

 I only eat real food and always steer clear from road kill

What do you consider the best of the best of British? 

a good pub pie on a cold wintery day - i recall a lot of those What's the best/worst thing about the British restaurant scene?  you have to pay a fortune to get an exceptional dinning experience on the other hand there are a lot of talented chefs over there bringing out new and innovative dishes and food pairing

What do you think will be the next big thing? 

pork, good organic pork is the new black

What would you do if you could choose any other career? 

I'd love to be a lottery winner

What do you have for Christmas lunch? 

Oysters, prawns, amazing organic ham and lots of bubbles

Make a wish. 
I wish for a long, happy, healthy life for me, my family and friends and to enjoy each day with the people i love. To eat great food and drink wonderful wine.

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