Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Taste of London. You'll either love it or hate it. When Gascon meets Britain: Marmite Royale

When Gascon meets Britain: Marmite Royale

Club Gascon, renowned restaurant for its innovative South West France cuisine, is launching his latest creation at this year’s Taste of London (21-24 June 2012): Marmite Royale.

Presented in a classic MarmiteTM jar, the dish is described as a silky duck flan served with MarmiteTM sauce and accompanied by soldiers to dip into. Chef-patron Pascal Aussignac comments “This recipe is for me the ultimate fusion between Gascony and Great Britain, between duck and MarmiteTM.” And he also adds “Taste of London being one of the biggest celebrations of food and drink in the UK, I felt it was natural to launch it here.”

Festival-goers will have the chance to taste it on stand R19 during the four days and it will then be available in the Michelin starred restaurant, in West Smithfield.
Additionally, Club Gascon will also propose three other dishes on its stand:
·         Baby Squids Plancha, Golden Tapioca and Bisque
·         "Basque" Spicy Confit Duck, Crazy Pop Corn
·         Wahoo Cornetto

Club Gascon is exhibiting at Taste of London from Thursday 21th June until Sunday 24th June 2012 on Stand R19.

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  1. I tried this last night at Taste of London, it was rubbish! For 8 quid I got a jar of sort of Marmite flavoured custard and some (to be fair very nice) bits of bread. Utter rip off, if it had tasted nice then ok but it really did not, and I LOVE Marmite. Not sure where the duck comes into it as there was no sign of it in my serving. "When Gascon meets Britain"? this Briton wishes he hadn't!