Wednesday, 23 February 2011

11 Park Walk

11 Park Walk, just off the Fulham Road

Address: 11 Park Walk, London SW10 0AJ
Tel: 020 7352 3449

What once used to be Aubergine, the entry place for Gordon Ramsay into culinary London has now undergone a seachange and become 11 Park Walk @ surprisingly 11 Park Walk, just off the Fulham Road, 11 has more competition than when Aubergine first opened but I really think it outshines the afore mentioned Aubergine.

Italian is as Italian does and with the most famous Italian deli in London, Luigi's just round the corner from it, it would be only the most fool hardy restauranteur to open an Italian restaurant without making sure it really is going to cut the mustard.

And in my humble opinion it does.

Its new incarnation touts flexibility, so drop by for a plate of homemade pasta (perhaps saffron pappardelle with pig’s cheek, chestnut tagliatelle or Sardinian malloreddus with artichokes & bottagra), or sample a leisurely dinner from the seasonally tweaked, regionally inspired menu. Traditional antipasti of cotechino with lentils or burrata with Sicilian caponata could give way to ‘black-ink’ cod with courgette purée, braised stinco d’agnello with mash, or venison with wild mushrooms & milky polenta. For afters, homemade Nurri panettone with zabaglione provides a suitably patriotic finish.

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