Tuesday, 8 March 2011

For Lent, I will be giving up???

Or is it a bit like New Years resolutions, made with the best intent in the world, but by the 2nd day all is forgotten and life is back to normality. Well this year for lent, it is only 40 days, after all I will be going without and it took me an age to come up with something that I would actually miss, but finally decided on PASTRY. From the morning croissant, to the pies, to the puddings, by choosing this as my forfeit for Lent I really am giving up something I will miss.

Being brought up in Scotland, it was always something that we were encouraged to do  but usually we went for things like Ice-Cream, which if truth be told I am not sure you could actually buy in Scotland then. Ben and Jerry had not met yet and a Magnum was something Starsky and Hutch might or migth not use in their pursuit of law-enforcement stateside.

This is a two pronged attack, one, on my lapsed religiousness and secondly and I must admit more important a short step to loosing some extra pounds. If you too are planning on giving something up good luck and leave a comment if you want if only to actually put it in writting.

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