Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Planning on going to Wales?

Then what ever you do, don't leave home without this amazingly compact guide. The Great Little places guide of distiction for Wales is the culmination of  thousands of miles of travel the length and breadth of Wales to seek out the very best small hotels, inns, farmhouses, restaurants with rooms and guest houses.

Small is beautiful but such places, unlike the best hotels (which are listed in almost every guidebook), are much more difficult to find. Locating individual establishments that really stand out from the huge choice on offer is much more of a challenge but its what GLP is all about.

In selecting GLPs, the reviewers looked for hosts with personality, enthusiasm and an uncompromising, informed awareness of the needs of today's more discriminating travellers. GLPs are also located in characterful buildings, beautiful locations, in houses with a sense of history, and offer tremendous hospitality..

Another great strength of the scheme is its variety, for with Little Places you'll find quality in farmhouses or restaurants with rooms, country inns or coastal hideaways, B&Bs or guest houses - and even a stately home.

This wide choice is reflected in the price. GLPs range from an inexpensive £60 per night for a double room to over £160 at the luxury end of the market. But its value for money that counts, and we believe that you won’t find finer accommodation, pound for pound, anywhere else in Wales (or Britain for that matter).

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