Tuesday, 7 June 2011

London on a plate, literally. You need never be hungry again.

“The man who can dominate a London dinner table can dominate the world”

So said Oscar Wilde who sadly didn’t have access to an iPhone to spread that message! Given today’s 24 hour society and any major city’s vast array of restaurants and shops where we want to eat around the clock, buy something unique at any moment or view something memorable instantly- you need information on demand, anywhere, and the iPhone seems to have created opportunities for all manner of apps to fill these needs and desires. With an estimated 1 million iPhones in London alone where do you look to when say you want a bite to eat, you want to buy a unique piece of art or you want to discover a hidden gem?

Author and journalist Charmain Ponnuthurai lives and loves London life like any passionate resident or savvy visitor should, and for those that don’t, they too will soon fall in love with the great city of London once they have downloaded the latest application available on the iPhone – London on a Plate. Available from this evening and priced at £3.99, in a matter of minutes London becomes a lot more intimate, memorable and accessible.

Already shortlisted as one of Apple’s Top 20 noteworthy new releases, London on a Plate is more holistic than a traditional city guide, this lifestyle app embraces every aspect of food culture – from taste, quality and service to recommendations for a handsome dinner party, including what to wear by the best British designers.

Fear not if you don’t live in London but just want a Londoner’s sense of taste and place, in addition to restaurant recommendations, London on a Plate also accesses London’s most acclaimed kitchens to source one hundred specially-commissioned recipes from elite chefs including John Torode, Fergus Henderson and Tom Aikens. These cannot be found anywhere else.

A labour of love for respected journalist Charmain Ponnuthurai – author of Midnight Feasts and alumni of London recipe vault Books for Cooks (a Portobello Road institution started by Two Fat Ladies’ Clarissa Dickson Wright) – it’s constantly updated, advertising-free and independently curated with true unrivalled passion and knowledge.

A percentage of each app sale is also donated to London food charity Fareshare.

Time to dominate all of London with London on a Plate!


Top 10 London on a Plate Facts:
• No advertising
• An app dedicated to food that opens the world up in a capital city filled with over 50 different types of cuisine
• Original recipes from well-known and not so well known chefs
• An app that combines food and experiences that can be tailored to one day, one week or simply one memory
• Unique photographs of the city that speak louder than words and are themselves talking points
• Expert advice written by people who live and love London and have visited and reviewed each venue and location
• An online guide available anytime and anyplace
• An app showing unique pieces of fashion and furniture not seen anywhere by London’s most creative new and emerging designers
• An app designed to ignite debate and intrigue allowing for the discovery of diverse spots of London

App Information:
- The app is only available for iOS4 (iPhone and iPod). It does not run on Android, Nokia, Windows etc.
- Download size is around 80MB, so it's best performed over a Wi-Fi connection or via iTunes on a computer.
- London on a Plate use the built in GPS to tell users how far they are away from Restaurants and places to shop etc.
- Every image and icon in the app is optimised for the high resolution display of the iPhone 4, so the images look fantastic.
- London on a Plate store all of the content locally so users don't need an internet connection to use it.

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