Monday, 25 July 2011


Available in Selfridges and Gerrys on Old Compton Street

Kammerling's is a new spirit which harks back to the way drinks used to be made, when they were seen as a medicinal compound, such as gin. Historically, many medicines were based on alcohol infused with natural botanicals (this encapsulated the flavour of the ingredients, preserved them and delivered the required health benefit). Kammerling’s is distilled in a similar way to gin. 4 types of ginseng root (Red Korean, White Panax, Siberian, American) are added to a small pot-still along with freshly peeled grapefruits and 41 other botanicals* (including Echinacea, Ginko Biloba, Goji berries and Schizandra) and distilled with 100% grain spirit.

  • Drink it over ice (with a twist of lemon peel)

  • Drink it with your favourite mixer (bitter lemon, ginger beer & Tonic water are good)

  • Drink it before dinner as an aperitif or after, as a digestive

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