Thursday, 16 February 2012

CIGALON and BARANIS celebrate Menton Lemon Festival with zest

One of the citrus sculptures at the Menton lemon Festival

CIGALON and BARANIS celebrate Menton Lemon Festival with zest

 From 20th February 2012 until 7th March 2012, CIGALON and BARANIS, Provençal restaurant and bar located on Chancery Lane, will be celebrating the renowned “Fête du Citron”. A selection of dishes and cocktails has been specially designed for the event.

During three weeks, Menton in France will be the stage of an immense festivity where thousands of citrus fruits will help to build creative sculptures and mosaics to commemorate the Lemon Festival.  

 This year, CIGALON invites you to be a part of it! Julien Carlon, Cigalon’s head chef has designed a unique “Carte Citron” composed of 4 dishes that can either be ordered individually or as a whole menu. 
It includes contemporary dishes that will wake your taste buds up with subtle citrus aromas. It is composed of Bass Carpaccio, “Menton” Lemon, Salsify & Capers (£ 9.50) ;  Confit Foie Gras Terrine & Cédrat Jelly (£13.50),  Grilled Rump of Veal, Panisse & Mentonnaise Sauce (£ 18.00) ; and to finish Confit Citrus Tart & “Brousse Emulsion” (£ 5.50).

BARANIS has added its twist to the celebration with the creation of three special cocktails all priced at £8:

·         LEMON JAR: Bourbon mixed with fresh lemon & orange juice, shaken with Corsican lemon liquor. A very refreshing cocktail, on the sour side. Served in jar
·         MENTON GARDEN: Tequila mixed with Corsican lemon liquor, fresh lemon juice, fresh cucumber & homemade Provençal syrup (lemon, thyme & rosemary), topped up with soda water. Served in a tall glass.
·         DOUBLE O LEMON: Campari & white rum mixed with cédrat & lemon liquors, shaken with lemon juice, orange juice & bitters. A well balanced, bittersweet cocktail.  Served in coupette

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