Wednesday, 25 April 2012


107-112 Leadenhall Street,
Greater London
020 7626 6206

There are so many restaurants in The City that to find a good one, I feel it left best for a recommendation. So when having to have a lunch meeting in The City I was pointed in the direction of Caravaggio. This, I was told would meet all requirements. Notably good quick service and also very good food. I have to say that it didn't fail on either. Located between bank and Liverpool Street, a hub if ever there was one of people looking for the same things as me. I was very glad that I had booked as the place was practically full when I arrived at 12.30, always a good sign that "The Natives" like it so much that its a case of get there early to avoid disappointment.

The room itself has been very cleverly converted from an old banking hall and with a minstrels gallery around the room it makes for a very busy place indeed but allows the customer to not really realise how busy it is. Not working in the city myself and in my usual garb I must have stood out like a sore thumb but the service I got was some of the best I have had in a while. The manager was quick to point out the specials of the day and the waiters were demons when it came to delivering drinks and bread. There is something to be said for places that are geared up for their customers precious time, a lot offer fast service but few actually deliver and in this case I am very glad that they were able to do what they say they could. I should also mention that the waiting staff were pretty clued up as to the ingredients of each dish. I chose to have as a main veal escallop , this I hadn't had for years and it didn't disappoint. It was accompanied with a rocket and cherry tomato salad, both of which were so fresh it was as if they had a green house out back. I really don't think I have had fresher rocket anywhere else in London.The menu as the name would suggest is Italian , both mainland and islands dishes  have been used to make it up. The restaurant uses their own buyer, rather than depending on suppliers, which means they only work with the freshest ingredients.

The menu changes regularly, however there is always a balanced range of meat, vegetable and fish options. The antipasti are generous portions that set the tone for the meal. As it changes so often I see little point in banging on about what I ate suffice to say all very good and I suggest you go on line to whet your appetite.

The wine menu is predominantly Italian, with the Italian wines divided with great precision into northern, central, southern and islands regions. The remaining wines are classed as ‘rest of Europe’ or ‘New World’, and are a smaller, but no less astute, selection.

All I can say is, if you are near Leadenhall Street then you really should give it  a try.

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  1. Really fantastic infrastructure of this restro. I have ever visited. Thanks a lot for sharing an address here with us.