Thursday, 1 September 2011

Table 7 Versus Top Table, no contest

Table 7 the new restaurant booking service are in danger of killing the competition (not a bad thing). They have devised a booking service that is streamlined and aimed at the more discerning customer. They have also managed to find a way that allows the restaurants to have a bit of confidence that the customer will actually show up, they do this by charging £7 for each booking, thus making the contract with the customer before they dine, whereas with Top Table lots of bookings are not kept because people mass book and then decide where they want to go, leaving the restaurant with an unoccupied table. An outcome they do not want and indeed one of the reasons they entered into a very expensive contract with Top Table in the first place. With Table 7 there is none of that and they just take the one off payment of £7, keeping everyone happy. Everyone booking through Table 7 will automatically get a reduction of 25-30% off the total bill, which is a great saving.

Table 7 have teamed up with some of the best restaurants in town, too many to mention so best have a look at their website . Their aim is to fill restaurants at times when they are quieter, which often makes for better service and a quieter time, this will suit people going out in the evening to something else but wanting somewhere great to eat.

Personally I think this is a great idea and I am sure that every concierge and P.A. in London will be using it for all their guests/bosses who might want to go to specific restaurants and who don't mind eating earlier or later.

For terms and conditions of bookings please also go to their website.

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