Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Anna Ponur Londons indispensible answer to everything

Anna with Nicola Dj supremo in some of Londons chicest clubs

Anna Ponur the Queen Bee of the West End

Name and occupation

Anna Ponur   Queen Bee of the West-End

What would you like to plug?

Sanctum Soho the hidden gem for parties

Name your three desert island ingredients

In-style magazine, Champagne and music

What would you have for your last supper?

I would like to have Lobster Spaghetti cooked by Ollie at Geales Notting Hill

What foodstuff would you banish to room 101?

Anything that I would be made to eat when I will eventually be in I’m a celebrity get me out of here

What's your favourite restaurant, and why?

Ramsay’s Royal hospital Road. its just SO good.

What's your favourite tipple?


Which book gets you cooking ?

Nigella Lawson seems to get me in the mood to whip something up

What's your dream dinner party line-up? And what would you cook for them?

Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable, James Dean, Fred Astaire, Bette Davies and Joan Crawford not that I am too camp!!

What was your childhood teatime treat?

I really looked forward to Easter when The Cadbury Crème Egg came out

What would you make to impress your partner?

Beef Stroganoff

What was your most memorable meal?

Le Menu Gastronomique a la Maison Quatre Saison

What was your biggest culinary disaster?

Never had one, its always been eaten

What's the worst meal you've ever had?

A dinner party on Malta that had a starter of fritters made with pigs brain, needless to say I beat a hasty retreat.

What's the most outlandish thing you've ever eaten?

It was nearly pigs brain but I just couldn’t

Who's your food hero/food villain?

Hero Nigella Lawson
Villain  Fanny and Johnny  Craddock

Gordon or Marco and why?

Marco, he’s got a dash of Italian in him.

Cocktail or Highball?


Muesli or fry-up?

Muesli never have a cooked breakfast

Wine or beer?

Please who do you think I am, wine of course

KFC or Burger King?

If I had to KFC

What do you consider the best of the best of British?

The Royal Family, all of them

Which countries do you look forward to going to the most because of the food?

Italy, I should point out at this stage that I am half Italian

What's the best/worst thing about the British restaurant scene?

The choice available is amazing and the worst has to be the service

What do you think will be the next big thing?

We will be able to cook like Heston at home, hopefully. He is a pure genius

What would you do if you could choose any other career?

I feel I have missed my calling as a TV presenter

Make a wish

I wish I WAS a TV presenter